エミレーツ航空237便 着陸時エンジン出火

航空無線 4:31 文字数 708




サムネ案追記:Engine fire on ground! の文字を入れるといかがでしょうか。













E: エミレーツ航空237便

T: 管制塔

F: 消防隊


参考音源 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhytJqJHvnI






E: Boston ground, Emirates 237, we are holding short of 15R, request a fire services we have an engine fire.

     ボストン管制、237便です、滑走路15R手前で止まっていますが、エンジンから出火しているた  め、消防車を呼んでほしいです。


T: Roger.



T: 237 heavy, roger. Do you wanna continue taxiing or you are gonna stop there?



E: Okay, we are gonna cross RWY 15R, 237.



T: Emirates 237 heavy, turn right on RWY 33L and hold short of Z if able.



E: OK, turn right on to RWY 33L and hold short of Z, Emirates 237.



T: You said an engine fire? And which engine?



E: Okay, a left engine is showing up fire, Emirates 237.



T: Emirates 237 heavy, roger. Equipment is responding. There is nothing visible from the tower. Equipment is responding!

     了解。緊急車両を向かわせています。タワーからは何も見えないですが、、とにかく緊急車両を   向かわせています!


E: Okay, thanks very much.



T: Emirates 237 heavy, when able I need the amount of fuel on board, and number of people on board.



E: OK, fuel is 9.2 tons…..and stand by for POB. Emirates 237, we’ve got 374 POB.




T: 374, thank you. Emirates 237, FLAMES ARE VISIBLE! FLAMES ARE VISIBLE!



E: Thanks very much, Emirates 237.



T: Logan Command, you can proceed on the RWY 15R.



E: Boston, Emirates 237, just confirming this is the position you want us to stop?





T: Emirates 237 heavy, that is fine. And if able change to 121.75, the emergency equipment will be on that frequency…..75.




E:Okay, 121.75, Emirates 237.



T: Emirates, this is the tower, it was flames coming out…..Back of the engine from the time you were on N to the position you are on now. And the tower doesn’t see them anymore.

     エミレーツ航空237便、管制塔ですが、あなたがNにいた時から今の位置まで、エンジンの.....後    ろから炎が出ていました。そしてタワーからもう火は見えません。


E: …..an oil problem and missed approach and after we shut down the engine, though, we could see the flames on onboard camera, however we have no fire warning on board.

     オイルトラブルでアプローチに失敗し、エンジンを停止した後、我々は機内のカメラで炎を確認   しましたが、火災警報は出ていませんでした。


E: OK, please be advised. Number….. Engine number 2 is still running, it’s still on.

     了解、教えてください。番号..... エンジン2はまだ作動しています、まだ作動しています。


F: And number 2 engine is running….. We’ll let you know if we need any further actions.

    そして2番のエンジンは動いています..... 今後、何か必要なアクションがあればお知らせします。


F: Emirates 237, we’re gonna recommend you hold in position, we have a…..active fuel leak also coming out of the number 1 engine.

…..operation people gonna…..Attempt to contact your maintenance.

     237便、この地点で止まっていてください。1番エンジンから燃料が漏れているのが確認できま   す。貴社の整備部門にコンタクトしています。


E: Okay, thanks for that. In that case we will be shutting down and holding into the position, Emirates 237.



F: Okay 237, I’, gonna coordinate with a local port operations people, as far as a ….. Getting some clean up crews out here. Is everyone on board A-OK?



E: Affirm, everything is OK on board of the aircraft, Emirates 237. Thanks for your help.



F: You’re welcome. Any indications in the cockpit, as far as a….. Fire emergency lights going on?



E: Negative. We didn’t get a fire warning or any lights. The only thing we have is very strong smell of the engine oil/ fuel, Emirates 237.



E: Ground, Emirates 237?



T: Emirates 237 heavy, ground?



E: Okay, the fire commander told us that he is extinguished the fire. We’re going to have to hold in this position, because he stated here is a fuel leak that’s gonna need…..Fixing/ cleaning up, we shut down engines, we are holding in this position, waiting for the fire commander to coordinate.

     消防隊が火を消すと言っていました。あと燃料が漏れた影響で掃除する必要があるため、ここで   止まってエンジンを切っています。現在は消防隊からの指示を待っています。


T: Emirates 237 heavy, roger. Thank you for the heads up.



F: Emirates 237, from Logan command?



E: Emirates 237, go ahead?




F: Hey, just an update from the ground I believe that was company. We still haven’t access fuel leak. We’re gonna try get that stopped, we can’t have you taxi down the taxy\way with the fuel leak. Can I have a passenger count also?

    地上からの最新情報ですが、燃料漏れはまだ続いています。燃料漏れを止めようとしていますが、  燃料漏れがある状態で地上滑走を走らせることはできません。乗客人数を教えてください。


E: Okay, no worries, we got all engines shut down, and….. The passenger count….. The crew of 19, passengers 355, with total on board of 374.



F: 374, everyone is doing ok?



E: Everyone is fine, Emirates 237.


















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